Hookahs range in all shapes and sizes…

Here at IHL (Ifrit’s Hookah Lounge) we have 3 levels of hookah that we serve: Standard, Premium & Elite. Each step of the way you get a taller hookah, a higher quality hose and larger capacity bowl. Each level has it’s own place & purpose depending on the type of experience you are looking for at any given time.

The Standard is our ground level hookah setup.  Enjoy a MYA QT hookah, a small Egyptian bowl and a basic washable hose. This is a good choice for a single person and will provide quality usage for about 45-min – 1 hr. MYA QT’s are a more modern hookah design and quite a bit smaller than your typical egyption, but the quality of MYA is second to none.

Our premium Hookah is a mid-sized Khalil Maamoon Egyptian Hookah. It isfitted with a large Egyptian Bowl and premium washable hose. This setup provides for a better pull and on average lasts twice as long as a standard (up to 2 hours). This option is great for sharing with a few good friends and is our most popular setup.

If you’re looking to GO BIG the Elite is the best experience option. A 34 inch KM Pear outfitted with a Tangiers Phunnel bowl and premium washable hose make for an effortless pull and unmatched inhalation pleasure. It can last 2-6 hour depending on the shisha and how many people are using it. By far the best hookah experience available anywhere.

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